Your first step to your success - you're right here - !AYCON

My name is Ulvi I. Aydin.
They call me "people mover"!
I consider myself more a "company mover"!
Specialist for "hopeless cases"!
If you want to move things forward - let's talk.

  • Interim Management
    Extensive, long-term experience and proven success as CEO / GF / MD a.i. in different sectors.
  • Brand & Market Development
    Do you wish to increase the efficiency of your sales organization? Generate more sales? Increase profit?
    Development of sales teams – national or international, and internal or external.
  • Restructuring
    Not everything will improve just because there is change. Only some elements must change to create improvement. Are your KPIs right? Are you doing too much? What you do in seven steps – can it also be achieved in four steps?
  • Re-positioning
    Is your profile clear and noticeable enough? Do you get the attention you deserve?
  • Sales Excellence
    Your sales force: “Hunters or farmers?” Does your sales force achieve the “extra mile”?
  • Training & Seminars for Sales & Marketing Staff
    Successful companies have smart and resourceful staff in sales and marketing!
    Are all the members of your team competent? Competence = Knowledge + Desire + Skills!

!AYCON Values

  • 1

    Lead, follow or get out of the way!

  • 2

    Never give up!

  • 3

    If it doesn't hurt, you haven't worked hard enough!

  • 4

    Never lie, never!

  • 5

    Be in love with success!

  • 6

    Work smart! Work hard!

  • 7

    To solve a problem (very often) means to get rid of the problem!