Zani Teubes - ZAShareholder
FLSK Products GmbH

I would like to thank Ulvi for the value added to our shareholders meetings and planning sessions. It is always very sufficiently planned and structured. The input helps us move forward and has a huge value. This will enable us to become an established reputable company according to our goal.

Xaver HesselbergerCEO
Kusaba Capital

"Ulvi Aydin is a gifted motivator and mediator who approaches every topic and problem at its root with his clear and direct approach. Discussions that have been bypassed for a long time can be clarified and solved with him in a few minutes. It is a real pleasure to have Ulvi with us at advisory board meetings and shareholder meetings, as the discussions are always efficient, honest and solution-oriented. All participants are engaged to express their opinions and concerns, so that even the deepest problems are discussed. A man with heart and mind! We hope for a long cooperation".

Lukas DingerFounder & CEO
styleGREEN by FlowerArt GmbH

"Ulvi is brutally direct and purposeful! This is not for everyone, but this is exactly what we needed. Even if he mercilessly drills into the unpleasant areas of the company and you suspect even the bigger problems elsewhere, it makes sense to follow his external viewing impression. The results for me were insights and learnings that I did not expect at the beginning and brought us immensely forward.
Working with Ulvi is no relaxation, you are challenged and encouraged but still remains a pleasant atmosphere that is occasionally loosened up by a small anecdote."

Christian HummelFounder & CEO

"If you can not tolerate a hard-hitting, honest feedback, you should avoid Ulvi. But if you really want to move forward, you need Ulvi and his razor-sharp analytics at his side. He always puts his finger - and I mean ALWAYS - there, where it hurts, "challenged" both in the matter and in the person, opening up new opportunities for growth and development. Even in the early stages of our business, we benefited enormously, and the results of Ulvi's Consulting showed in no time at all. Thanks to his tips, we were able to substantially optimize our margin, expand our network in important areas and raise additional capital."

Johannes Luis Schmid CEO
Breathe Solutios GmbH

"Quick, straight to the point and the right answer for all topics! Ulvi supports us as our advisory board member where he can and helps to keep the good mood even in times of stress. He is a doer, a driver and a good mentor for young business entrepreneurs! "

Julia SteckelerManaging Director
MedicalMountains GmbH

It has been admirable how Ulvi Aydin, without any tools - but with a keen sense for the people in the room and a healthy sense of humor - has encouraged numerous CEOs from global companies to exchange ideas. Within seconds. In a nutshell. Without any frills.

Heinz FlatznitzerDirector of Executive Board HR & Corporate Communication

„We had to part with our former managing director of one of our subsidiaries in Germany. In order to have enough time to search for a successor to this challenging position, we have decided to work with Mr. Ulvi AYDIN for the umpteenth time.

Mr. AYDIN had already shown in his first assignment for the ERBER Group that he is a "people mover" and was again able to convince not only because of his extremely professional approach. He led the company as if it were his own and made decisions in our sense immediately and above all sustainable. We can rightly refer to Mr AYDIN as a full member and confidant of our team.

We thank him very much for his dedication and would be glad if we can continue to count on Mr. AYDIN if necessary."

Peter KremerCEO
VerbaVoice GmbH

Lead, follow or get out of the way! That was the first thing I read about Ulvi and at first it confused me, kind of put me off. Will he be overstraining me and my team? And is he really the right one for us?
After working with him for almost 6 months, I can say YES! Without him, we would not have gotten to where we are now so incredibly fast. Ulvi is brutally honest, thinks with lightning speed and always - always - puts the positive aspects in the foreground. He gives his considerable knowledge and experience to anyone who wants it. He makes me a little bit better every day. I like that!

Quentin PratleyCEO
FLSK Products GmbH

„Uncompromisingly consistent – Ulvi stands out with his impressive analytical understanding of organizations. In a matter of seconds, he identifies the weaknesses of companies and their stakeholders and calls for uncompromising solutions. In addition to his ‘hard skillsʼ he has an incredible social presence with which he brings everyone on board – from cleaning staff to the CEO. Although he reluctantly admits it, he has a very big heart. Thank you that I may cooperate with you, Ulvi, and even more for having you as a friend and mentor.“

Ivonne KutznerManaging Director
Königstadt Gesellschaft für Grundstücke und Industrie mbH

„No one before him and no one after him was able to get the issues of advertising and brand so brilliantly into the minds of employees. He is patient, listens well, and is very eloquent and loyal – simply a great person. I am still grateful to him for his support during a difficult transition phase. Whenever I need support in this line – he is there. Thank you very much, Ulvi.“

Manfred BraunHead of Accountancy Europe
E. M. Group Holding AG

„A strong analyst who parses existing structures and processes with the economic and technical expertise to identify vulnerabilities. The deficits are not communicated to the organization negatively as errors, but as a challenge to work on and thus prevent future errors and use them as a positive drive for improvement.

A very valued business partner in the company, who attempts to reconcile the needs of all departments using a holistic approach. The financial sector sees itself as a seriously taken, esteemed supporter and right hand of senior management.

A doer, organizer, and driver for the optimization of the business in the interest of all. Quick comprehension combined with incredible experience in the interim segment. As a highly esteemed person and colleague with high competence and sustainability in the implementation of projects – with the heart in the right place. I have rarely experienced such a goal-oriented, constructive and at the same time successful collaboration in such a short time.“

Stephan SchölermannManaging Director
Poggemeier GmbH

„An experienced interim manager who is more than just that – a distinguished colleague and team member, who is goal-oriented and fun to be with while going through the current challenging times at Poggemeier, rising together to the resulting tasks.

An analyst and sales professional who wears his heart on his sleeves. A tough but fair guy. A networker and soul catcher, who drives topics without rest and infects everyone. A colleague and partner with entrepreneurial expertise and vision.

A colleague and human being from whom I could learn something new again professionally and personally. A person I like, esteem, and with whom I would tackle any other great challenge or task again any time. Originally posted by Ulvi, which I would like to apply to Ulvi himself: "When the bullets are flying and droning close to your ears, and when the grenade strikes are very close, then you want to have someone like Ulvi at your side.“

Andreas KerschkaCEO
SIB Tech GmbH

„It is fascinating to see how Ulvi Aydin embodies his profession. He motivates his staff to achieve excellent results without it being hard for employees to follow him. He is a tough businessperson who always solves his tasks in a fair, just and extremely structured way.

It is a pleasure to work alongside Ulvi Aydin. Through his high level of commitment, he is a role model for every company. In the companies where Ulvi Aydin is involved, considerable added value is produced for the individual company within a very short time.

Socially, he is an extremely intelligent person with very well developed guiding instincts. With necessary sustainability, Ulvi Aydin has obviously made his profession his vocation.“

Susanne Orthofer MARegional HR Coordinator

„An excellent manager taps into talents and resources in order to support and bring out the best in others. An outstanding manager evokes possibility in others and this is exactly how Ulvi Aydin can be described as.“

Robert PauliMember of the Executive Board
NORD HOLDING Unternehmensbeteiligungsgesellschaft mbH

„I have closely collaborated with Ulvi Aydin for several years – a time that I remember fondly. Ulvi is the type of holistic entrepreneur rarely found, a pragmatic implementer, where necessary, in detail and always with a keen sense for the team.“

Dr. Dietrich SchrammSenior Client Partner
Hay Group, a Korn Ferry company

„Outstanding motivator of employees to achieve maximum performance. Sets high expectations for his employees and external consultants, but he exemplifies them himself. The human being is central, but does not stand in the way. Has the ability to bring about real change management in a holistic manner and with high sustainability.

I know hardly anyone who can develop a brand in such a short time and position it as emotionally as Ulvi; Brand = Feeling + Promise. Both are perfectly presented by Ulvi. With him, the glass is always half-full, never half-empty – while maintaining the principle, ‘If all else fails, I will find a new way!ʼ He is able to create very easily and quickly a positive atmosphere in the team. He knows that the human voice is the most precious instrument, and he understands how to achieve the company's objectives in a special way.“

Stefan EnslinHead of Finance l Finance Manager
BIOMIN Deutschland GmbH

„Ulvi is a manager who takes the people around him seriously, asks questions, and listens – and has confidence in them. He is able to break old thought patterns and motivate people to harness the creative power of their minds (Sapere Aude – dare to use your mind). He does not shy away from addressing unpleasant topics, but does so in a way that is always solution-oriented and not demeaning.

Moreover, he is an orderly efficiency fanatic – and thus contributed, among other things, to increasing efficiency in the office! One of the most important people I have had the pleasure to meet!"

Werner WilfertHead of Sales
Goebel Porzellan GmbH

„I know Ulvi Aydin from the time we spent together at Rosenthal and Gabriel Porzellan. The cooperation was always very refreshing, direct, reliable, straightforward, and cordial. Just the way you need it in demanding international business.“

Ralf P. KuhnFormer Member of Board Rosenthal AG
Executive Vice President Operations WWRD

„I have known Ulvi AYDIN for almost 25 years, and during this time, I had the opportunity to work closely with Ulvi AYDIN twice over a period of several years.

Ulvi AYDIN is a manager who has a special gift to develop visions and implement them together with his team. He exemplifies loyalty, integrity, and fairness – and expects this from his environment. He manages with great openness and understands that praise and motivation are essential for his employees to achieve expected objectives.

In critical situations, Ulvi AYDIN displays the necessary creativity and assertiveness. He works purposefully and fast. His tremendous detailed knowledge of each sector and his great network of customers, suppliers, and other business partners help him in this.

I have always very much admired his extraordinary eloquence, which he demonstrated in several languages. Moreover, his immense general knowledge, common sense, commitment in dealing with colleagues and business partners, as well as his sense of human sentiments must be emphasized. In addition, he has a keen sense of humor, which makes dealing and cooperating with Ulvi AYDIN even more desirable.

I would not want to miss his good advice as a friend and colleague.“

Thanh ToVanSales Manager
Etienne Aigner AG

„I had the pleasure of working with Ulvi Aydin for five years. He was a competent and honest boss. He could listen very well and was a structured and perfect problem solver. Using his rhetorical skills, he could always inspire customers, licensees, and employees with his projects and be convinced by his ideas. One thing I appreciated about him: He always gave the employees the opportunity to evolve within the company. The position that I am holding today, I owe to him.“

Ralf HummelAtorney at Law

„It is always a pleasure working with Ulvi Aydin. He is most effective and efficient at the same time striving for the best possible solution and result for all parties involved. He follows a very strict course and has a perfect way in thinking himself into other parties and peoples role. Ulvi calls for much for from everyone involved and is very demanding, expecting the most of himself.“

Hendrik ZimmerCo Founder at Unfold the Umbrella
BRIO AB Global Marketing Director

„Working with Ulvi Aydin was a great pleasure. Ulvi is result and goal driven; he is able to communicate his ideas clearly and straightforward. Ulvi knows the retail mechanics better than anyone I have ever met in my professional career. He sees very early potential in unconventional strategies and communication concepts that lead into business advantages towards the competition. He understands the importance of strong brand and supports them with communication that drives sales and results.“

Vincenzo MareSales Director
keeeper GmbH

„True to the motto ‘Managing means taking responsibility for making decisionsʼ, Ulvi Aydin is a manager who always takes responsibility for the choices he makes. A manager must always be able to make quick decisions in the interest of the company. A manager always bears the decision-making risk. That is why Jack Walsh always said, ‘To be a manager means to accept to get fired!ʼ Ulvi Aydin has never shied away from making quick decisions. That has marked and impressed me very much.“

Manfred BockExecutive Board

„I have known Ulvi since 1989 and had the privilege to accompany him as a trainer and coach on many of his consulting mandates. In doing so, I always experienced him as a fair, thorough, and socially competent partner. I have often witnessed how in dealing with his employees he was very goal-oriented, but also carried out necessary changes with a big heart. Ulvi says what he thinks and – what distinguishes him – he acts accordingly.“

Nic DuijsensManaging Director
UNBROKEN Connecting Quality BV

„I have met Ulvi many times over the years, and our encounters have always been very friendly and refreshing! I appreciate his positive attitude and his way of captivating and inspiring people for his ideas.

Ulvi’s primary strength is his sense for properly working teams and his ability to implement teamwork, which is necessary for the progress of any company; it is this fundamental basis that he masters better than many others do, and his unique way of never losing the perspective for the ‘human beingʼ behind the employee or cooperation partner.“